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Pioneering New ‘Bio Take Back’ Recycling Stations Launched in Kwale & Mombasa County

Kwale based pioneering recycling initiative Kenya Plastics Plus Collectors (KPPC) have partnered with Bio Food Products Ltd. to design, build and manage 9 new plastic waste recycling stations, which will be placed around Kwale and Mombasa County’s key shopping locations.

The KPPC Team wave off 3 of the 9 new bins to their sites in Mombassa

The launch is the next exciting phase in KPPC’s bid to reduce, reuse and recycle all plastic waste in a bid to keep this valuable material in the circular economy and not in the environment.

Bio Food Products Ltd. is a shining example of a local Kenyan company who is setting the standards and breaking ground each day with innovative initiatives in a bid for a more sustainable circular economy.

In April 2020 Bio Food Products Ltd. announced that they would reduce the PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) in their packaging by 30% and they have continued their commitment by ensuring their yoghurt packaging uses 100% recycled plastics. The recent move to partner and support KPPC and the Flipflopi Project, is a long term commitment to the management of the waste removal service and represents their wider ambition to fulfil the new EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) regulations within Kenya.

CEO of Bio Food Products, Eelco Weber, commented: We are delighted to be partnering with KPPC and Flipflopi Project on this exciting initiative as it brings to life our vision for a more sustainable circular economy, whereby plastics can be reused and recycled. We are extremely excited to offer our customers a simple & effective solution to allow them to recycle not only our own plastic bottles and containers but also all their domestic plastic waste. In a world where our resources are finite, we need to do everything we can to protect and restore for a brighter future.”

The 1st series of ‘Take Back’ bins will be located at:

  • Naivas – (Likoni, Nyali, Ukunda)- Mombasa & Kwale

  • Chandarana - (Nyali Cinemax, Diani) -Mombasa & Kwale

  • Shree – in Diani

Badi Mbaruk, Supervisor to KPPC commented: “We are thrilled to have partnered with Bio Food Products Ltd. to produce these new robust waste management solutions. With their support we have been able to design and make these bins locally here in Diani from galvanised coated steel with a rust and monkey proof design! We are looking forward to putting them all in shopping centres across the region providing a positive recycling solution for the communities of Mombasa and Kwale county.”

For further information images or interview requests contact

Dipesh Pabari – or call +254 723 650 185




Kwale Plastics Plus Collectors (KPPC) in partnership with The Flipflopi Project is an initiative to clean up our land, rivers, beaches and ocean. This effort aims to upgrade waste management. Segregated waste is a valuable commodity, but mixed waste is a harmful and a costly menace to human, soil, animal and marine life and health.

In Kwale County we are introducing a sustainable ‘closed-loop’ post-consumer waste management practice, in partnership with the County Government. ​We aim to inspire community engagement by encouraging people not to litter—but instead to dispose their waste properly. We also aim to show and explain why the use of segregated bins more permanently solves our waste pollution problems— and how properly disposed waste can be recycled into useful materials and products to the ecological and economical benefit to the community.

Inline with these principals KPPC is in the final stages of designing and building a fully functioning recycling depot which will become a blueprint for a long term circular economic solutions. KPPC is also continuing its work beyond the county through its robust waste databank of information.


A local Kenyan Company specialised in dairy products with a passionate simple promise: to delight their customers by making the cleanest and best tasting dairy products that they can enjoy where and when they want.

With a quest to pioneer a circular economy through various initiatives, including packaging with less impact. The new Bio Fresh Milk bottles are made using 30% less polyethylene terephthalate, or PET. Yoghurt containers made of 100% recycled plastic and a commitment to reduce its Carbon Footprint across the whole supply chain from Grass to Glass.

For more details on our many initiatives please visit or follow Bio Foods on Facebook : Bio Food Products or Instagram: Biofoodproducts

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