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International Coastal Cleanup: Team Kenya - South Coast

Press Release

12th September, 2020

This year’s International Coastal Clean-up (ICC) Day and World Clean-up Day (WCD) coincide on Saturday 19th September. Across Kenya events will be held in lake, waterways and marine coastal areas. The Ministries of Tourism, Environment & Forestry and KWS, among others will host the National ICC WCD event in Nairobi.

Since 2018, organizations, businesses, social enterprises, NGOs, CBOs and others along our Indian Ocean coastline have been acting together as Team Kenya ICC. Together with partners from Lamu to Vanga, our Team Kenya ICC 2019 placed 4th globally! Our combined efforts removed over 82 tonnes of rubbish from 227km of coastline as more than 4,500 Volunteers collected over 700,000 rubbish items. This year we are aiming to achieve 2nd Place—as we keep our focus on earning 1st Place in 2021!

Our active Team KENYA - South Coast 2019 removed 22.3 tonnes of waste by collecting over 500,000 pieces along 167km of beach areas with over 2,300 Volunteers engaged. Despite COVID, we are aiming to do more this year!

Observing all MOH guidelines for COVID safety, we will Kick Off ICC 2020 on Saturday 19th September in Diani. The theme is Ending the Flow of Trash at the Source. From this date until the end of October we will be conducting numerous coastal cleanups—in small groups. Designated Captains will lead activities within 4 Zones spanning from Waa to Vanga, engaging the private and public sectors, NGOs, community groups and sub-county leadership and residents among others.

Get involved in the 2020 International Coastal Clean-up, organized globally by the Ocean Conservancy involving more than 100 countries! This year you have many chances to join in!

Please contact the Zone Captain nearest you today to find out where and when:

Zone: Zone 1

Area: Waa – Kongo Mosque

Zone Captain: Mr. Paul Musila

Contacts: 0722 795 837

Asst: Fosi 0704 702 827

Zone: Zone 2

Area: Kongo Mosque - Chale

Zone Captain: Mr. Paul Savage

Contacts: 0724 255 473

Asst: Badi 0745 470 467

Zone: Zone 3

Area: Gazi- Ramisi River (Bodo)

Zone Captain: Mr. Alfred Yamo

Contacts: 0717 283 175

Asst: Agnes 0719 395 839

Zone: Zone 4

Area: Ramisi River (Bodo)- Vanga

Zone Captain: Mr. Micah Muema

Contacts: 0723 964 271

Asst: Geoffrey 0733 367 155

Join us in Ending the Flow of Trash at the Source!

For more information, please contact: Team South Coast Chairperson Susan on 0745 470 467 or Vice Chairperson Micah on 0723 964 271.

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