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Waste Management


The Green Stations started in 2018 with only a few public locations in Diani Beach and have since been increased to 22 public waste segregation stations around Diani and Ukunda.


We are very proud to see clear results of our efforts -  less trash in the streets, a more effective recycling system and a healthier environment for everyone!


After collecting PLASTIC, GLASS, METAL, and PAPER waste, we further sort and prepare it for recycling at our depot. Paper waste will be used to make cooking briquettes to replace charcoal.

Plastic will be shredded in preparation for use in the production of building materials, and metal will be sold on to other recyclers.


All waste will be sold to financially sustain the Kwale
Recycling Centre.


We pick up segregated waste from the Green Stations around Diani Beach and Ukunda Town!

As well as picking up the trash from public Green Stations we offer service agreements for private households.

These service agreements are a good way of funding our operations, providing livelihoods AND profiting from sustainable waste management!

Waste Management: Service


I never thought that there would ever be an effective recycling program in Diani, Let alone Kenya. I now am able to take my recycling waste from my home down to the Green Station close to lantana and dump it properly. Our home has become cleaner, much cleaner. When I interact with the KRC staff, they are always very helpful and let me know what they are not able to take in their bins. Very nice to have this in Diani.

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